3 Important Forms of Mosquito Control

Author: Mosquito Squad of St. Petersburg - Clearwater

Nobody likes mosquitos. They are the ultimate nuisance outdoors, especially in Florida’s hot and humid weather! You shouldn’t have to rely on candles and bug spray to keep mosquitos away from your deck as you celebrate with friends or relax with your family. By utilizing a professional mosquito treatment company to control the mosquito population on and around your property, you can enjoy many bite-free nights outside.

The best mosquito control companies will offer three core mosquito treatment methods that include periodic barrier spray, a permanent misting system, and special event sprays.

Periodic Barrier Spray

This is the most popular form of mosquito control because it uses a combination of EPA-registered repellents to kill 176 species of mosquitoes. This includes the Aedes aegypti, the mosquito known to carry the majority of mosquito-borne illnesses. The barrier spray is applied around the entire perimeter of your property, on all standing vegetation, and in areas where your family spends time regularly like the deck or pool.

The spray used in the period barrier eliminates existing mosquitoes on contact and the continues to form an invisible barrier around your home to keep new mosquitoes from entering. This eliminates up to 90 percent of all mosquitos over a 21-day period. As long as the barrier is reapplied every three weeks, mosquitos will never have a chance to sneak back into your property.

Permanent Misting System

Another option to control mosquitos is a permanent misting system to automate periodic sprays. This system can be installed on your property by a pest control company and maintained on a yearly plan. Most systems include spray nozzles mounted around the perimeter of a home in the lawn or mounted to parts of the house or fence. EPA-registered repellents are sprayed from the system at preset intervals to ensure mosquitos never stand a chance.

Special Event Sprays

This is an excellent choice if you are holding an important event on your property, like a wedding or graduation party. You definitely do not want your guests to have their night overshadowed by eager mosquitos, so using a specially targeted one-time spray can make all the difference.

If you’re ready to make your property a “No Mosquito Fly Zone,” call to schedule your free consultation with Mosquito Squad in the St. Petersburg-Clearwater area.