Studies Show EPA Approved Repellents Are The Best Option For Mosquito Control

Author: Mosquito Squad of St. Petersburg - Clearwater

Concerns About The Zika Virus Are Causing People To Reassess Their Mosquito Control Options.

There are many different products out there that advertise protection from mosquitoes and mosquito bites. There are even some plants, like citronella, that are natural repellents that can give you some protection in your yard.

However; the reality is that most of these options don’t work consistently and as a result they will leave you unprotected and open to mosquito bites.

Citronella Plants and Candles Work….Sometimes.

Citronella is a natural repellent. However; just planting it in your yard won’t repel mosquitoes.

According to you will need to disperse the scent by rubbing the leaves of the plant on a regular basis. For the best effect you should also rub it on your body and clothes. The scent dissipates quickly and will not be effective for long.

Citronella candles have repellent properties as well. They are not effective in large areas because they will only repel pests in the direction the wind is blowing. The candle’s scent doesn’t disburse evenly.

Mosquito Repellent Wrist Bands Don’t Work As Advertised; According To The Federal Trade Commission.

The Federal Trade Commission has fined marketers and manufacturers of mosquito repellent bands for making misleading advertising claims. The FTC fined these folks $300,000 this year because they were found to have no scientific evidence to back their claims.

EPA Approved Chemical Repellent Is Recommended By The CDC As Part Of A Complete Mosquito Control Plan

The CDC has a variety of recommendations for protecting yourself from mosquito bites and mosquito-borne illness. They have consistently stated that a thorough plan should include chemical repellents.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency regulates the chemicals here in the US and Mosquito Squad’s chemicals are all fully EPA approved.

For more information about what the CDC recommends please visit the CDC Website at They have an entire section dedicated to mosquito control and protection.

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