Mosquito Squad Offers Fully EPA Approved Synthetic and Natural Chemical Repellents

Author: Mosquito Squad of St. Petersburg-Clearwater

Mosquitoes are a reality in the outdoor world and with that reality comes annoying bites and exposure to mosquito-borne illnesses. The only way to ensure you are safe from either is to not get bit. The CDC and WHO put out a number of suggestions to that end. One of the most important tools they suggest to ensure you are protected from mosquitoes is mosquito repellent.

”Mosquitoes may bite through thin clothing. Treat clothes with permethrin or another Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered insecticide for extra protection.”

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Mosquito Squad Repellents Are 100% EPA Approved.

We use the above recommended chemical called permethrin. It is found naturally in chrysanthemums; however, ours is synthetic as the natural chemical breaks down too quickly for effective use. This is also the same ingredient that is used in flea and tick medication and head lice shampoos.

If You Prefer A Natural Repellent We Offer That Too!

We offer both a synthetic solution and a natural solution. Be advised that the natural solution repels mosquitoes and does not kill them. As a result you will need more applications with the natural repellent than you will need with the synthetic option.

As always, give us a call and we can assess your situation and address any questions you might have. Quotes are always free!