Mosquito Control Tips: The Life Cycle of the Mosquito Starts In The Water

Author: Mosquito Squad of St. Petersburg-Clearwater

still water

Water is not your friend where mosquitoes are concerned. As we have mentioned in the past; reducing and controlling standing water on your property is very important if you want to reduce your mosquito population. Today we are going to explain the life cycle of the mosquito and it all starts with water.

Mosquitoes Breed In Standing Water

The mosquito goes through four stages in its life. The mosquito relies on water to develop through the stages metamorphosing into an adult mosquito. That means reducing standing water reduces breeding opportunities for new mosquitoes.

The Four Stages Of A Mosquito’s Life

life cycle


The first stage in a mosquito’s life cycle is the egg. Eggs are laid on water either by themselves or together in groups called rafts. Most species hatch within 48 hours. Water is a necessary part of their environment.


The second stage is the larvae stage. Larvae live in the water and swim to the surface for air. The larvae feed on nutrients in the water and molt.


The third stage is the pupal stage. The pupal don’t feed during this stage. It is during this stage that the mosquito turns into an adult in a metamorphosis that can be compared to a caterpillar and butterfly.

Adult Mosquito

The fourth stage is the adult mosquito. The adult mosquito will remain on the surface of the water for a short period of time before starting its life breeding and feeding. 

Mosquitoes Can’t Breed Without Water!

As you can see; the mosquito is dependent on water during every stage of its life. Reducing and treating standing water is a very effective method for reducing the mosquito breeding population on a property.

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Call Us For A Multi-Tier Plan To Reduce The Mosquito Population On Your Property

To completely protect your family from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry you need to do more than reduce the water on your property. The best plan for mosquito control includes periodic spraying to ensure mosquitoes do not develop into adults.

Mosquito Squad of St. Petersburg and Clearwater’s technicians are trained experts on the Florida ecosystem. We can put together a plan that is effective based on your specific property and needs. We are locally owned and operated and we understand what it takes to succeed in Florida’s wet climate.

Give us a call and we can help you put together a multi-faceted plan which includes assessing your property for standing water and any other habitats that are conducive to increasing mosquito breeding populations.