Mosquito Control Tips: Standing Water Is a Breeding Ground for Mosquitoes!

Author: Mosquito Squad of St. Petersburg-Clearwater

standing water

When it comes to mosquitoes and their preferred breeding ground; standing water is your enemy! Mosquitoes love warm climates and stagnant water. A multi-tiered plan that includes reduction of standing water alongside a barrier spray program is your best bet at a mosquito-free yard.

Walk Your Entire Property And Address All Standing Water

There are many places that water will collect and become stagnant. All of those places become optimal breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Here are some suggestions for reducing your mosquito population.

  • Eliminate standing water in empty flower pots, tires, rain gutters, old vehicles or recreational toys, buckets or other containers where water will collect.
  • Fill in ponds or old swimming areas with dirt or if you choose to keep the water in place have those areas treated for mosquitoes.
  • Ensure that you change out the water in any other containers where it is present. For example, change the water in bird feeders, fountains, animal feeders, planters and pots.
  • Ensure swimming pools are drained or remain treated and circulated.

standing water infographic

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