Florida Health Officials Unveil Campaign To Educate Kids About Mosquitoes and Mosquito Control

Author: Mosquito Squad of St. Petersburg - Clearwater

Spill the Water Heroes

Florida Health Officials have unveiled a campaign designed to educate kids about mosquitoes and about mosquito control. The campaign revolves around a 30 second public service announcement called “Spill the Water Heroes.”

Public Service Announcement Teaches Kids That Standing Water Is Where Mosquitoes Breed!

In the video; kids apply their “invisibility bug spray” and then they head out to the back yard to dump out standing water that has collected in toys and flower pots.

To Save Summer – You Gotta Spill The Water!

The video challenges kids to get involved and leaves them with the catch phrase: “Spill the water heroes know; to save summer, you gotta spill the water!”

Watch The Spill The Water Heroes Public Service Announcement

This campaign is in response to the continued concerns surrounding the zika virus and its potential to spread. According to WFSU; there have been 250 reported cases of the zika virus in Florida this year.

Standing water is a problem this year. Tropical storm Colin saturated the area. More water means more mosquitoes. Period.

It is not uncommon for local governments and organizations to use public service announcements aimed at kids to get a message out quickly.

Florida Governer Rick Scott addressed the issues of standing water in a recent conversation about the zika virus.

“It’s very important that every family understands that you cannot have standing water,” said Scott, following a Zika roundtable discussion he was a part of last week. “If we are able to get rid of all the standing water, we’ll have a really good chance of controlling the spread of Zika.”

-Florida Governor Rick Scott

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