Dengue Fever Outbreak: Protect Yourself With Mosquito Squad

Author: Mosquito Squad of St. Petersburg-Clearwater

There was a recent outbreak of Dengue Fever in Hawaii last month. This is concerning because of the way Dengue Fever is spread. Dengue Fever is a disease that stems from the West Nile Virus and is transmitted by Mosquitoes. Dengue Fever is indigenous to warm climates, like Florida. There were 24 cases of Dengue Fever in Florida in 2014.

The Florida Health Department has put out some information with suggestions on how to reduce your risk of getting the disease.

The main culprit in spreading this disease is mosquitoes. Reducing your mosquito population is your best defense against Dengue Fever. Mosquitoes breed in warm, wet environments and Florida is both warm and wet year-round. As a result; you need a year-round solution.

Mosquito Squad of St. Petersburg and Clearwater can offer you a number of solutions for reducing the mosquito population at your home or business. We can send out a technician to assess your property and work with you on the best package to make your outdoor experience virtually mosquito-free.

Whether you are interested in having a technician come out and spray periodically using our locally mixed mosquito repellent or whether you are looking for something more permanent; we can help. Along with periodic spray packages we offer permanent misting systems and we maintain them for you so mosquito population control is a breeze.

We are locally owned and operated which means we understand the climate here in Florida and we know what it takes to rid your yard of mosquitoes and their mosquito-borne illnesses.