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Author: Mosquito Squad of Saint Cloud

Lyme Disease is all too familiar for Mosquito Squad of St. Cloud

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, in the past 19 years, nearly 20,000 cases of tick-borne illnesses have been reported in Minnesota. The majority of these cases are Lyme 
Disease due to deer tick bites. Cindee Anderson, co­owner of the Saint Cloud Mosquito Squad, says of her own battle with Lyme, “I had much muscle weakness, fatigue, and mental fogginess. It took about 6 years to get an accurate diagnosis.”

Symptoms can vary widely from case to case, and sometimes do not appear until months after the initial tick encounter. ​Standard testing for Lyme is known to be very inaccurate and victims are often left taking medications that ultimately will not help them, or left untreated completely.

In some cases, the latter can cause even further complications. “I ended up with an autoimmune disease because of long-term untreated Lyme,” Anderson says. “I went to many doctors trying to get a diagnosis and they all said nothing was wrong.” ​Lyme is very often misdiagnosed for other diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis​, as well as mental conditions like depression and bipolar disorder.

Lyme bacteria is found most commonly in ticks that are located in the Midwest and Northeast part of the United States; however, they can be found anywhere that is warm enough for ticks to breed. Ticks typically reproduce in the spring and fall of the year.

There are a few important steps to protecting yourself and your family from ticks. First, anytime you are outside or in an area where you may be exposed to ticks, be sure to check yourself thoroughly when returning indoors. Second, wear clothes that cover you completely. Wearing long pants and long sleeve shirts will help to protect you from ticks and their bites!

Third, having your yard treated to eliminate adult ticks as well as nymph stage ticks is key to being able to enjoy your outdoor areas without worry of contracting tick and mosquito borne illnesses. Anderson says, “…That is why when we found out about Mosquito Squad I was thrilled to be able to protect myself and my family.”

Anderson was so thrilled that she and her son Ryan Fisher opened the Saint Cloud Mosquito 
Squad four years ago, to protect other families from disease carrying pests.

Mosquito Squad helps protect you and your family with our barrier spray. This is 80-85% effective to eliminating mosquitoes, and kills adult ticks and mosquitoes on contact. We also use a tick control called tick tubes. These tick tubes target infant and adult ticks.

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