Tips to Repel Mosquitoes for a Party


Tips to Repel Mosquitoes for a Party

We have arrived in the warmest months of the year in Massachusetts, and summer gatherings are more in demand than any other season. From hosting friends and family to celebrating some of life’s most important events like retirements, weddings, and graduations, now is the time to take advantage of MA’s glorious summer. Be wary, though. This time of year also brings out the nemesis of outdoor events: The mosquito. Steamy temperatures and plenty of moisture have made this summer a memorable one for all the wrong reasons due to an exploding mosquito population, and our outdoor events are at risk. Not only are mosquitoes an incredibly annoying insect to deal with, but they are also carriers of various mosquito-borne diseases. While the risk of contracting such a disease is low in our region, the risk is never zero, so it is important to defend your events for your enjoyment and health! So, what can you do to help your event be a resounding success, rather than a disaster courtesy of the mosquitoes that want to bite your guests?


If you are planning to host an outdoor event, a great defensive measure is to use fans that will constantly agitate the air. Mosquitoes are relentless in their pursuit of blood, but by no means are they categorized as powerful fliers. These insects are easily buffeted and tend to avoid environments where the air is unstable. By installing fans around your gathering area, you will discourage mosquitoes from successfully approaching your guests.

Citronella products

Mosquitoes hate when they encounter citronella spray and candles. While these products smell nice to us, mosquitoes are repelled by the scent. By lighting citronella candles around your outdoor event space or similarly using citronella spray, mosquitoes will be discouraged from coming closer.

Remove standing water

In the days and weeks before your outdoor event, look around and try to pour out any standing water you might find. Mosquitoes rely on standing water to raise their young, and even leaves can hold enough water to attract a mosquito’s attention. With this fact in mind, yardwork is important to ensure leaf litter and dead foliage don’t add to your mosquito problems. Further, if there is a water feature near your event, make sure the water is treated or contains a water agitator to ensure mosquitoes don’t use the feature for breeding purposes.

West Springfield mosquito control

All the listed methods are a great way to reduce the likelihood that mosquitoes will ruin your event, but the only way to ensure you are defended is with professional mosquito control. At Mosquito Squad, we implement mosquito control that is proven to deliver results. Indeed, you can expect a dramatic reduction in the mosquito population in your property or special event space. In the week before your event, we will assess the area to determine the most likely areas where mosquitoes lurk and will apply our mosquito barrier protection treatments accordingly. Typically, two treatments in the week before your event will provide ample defense for you, your guests, and for an event that will be remembered for a long time!

There are many ways to defend your event against mosquitoes. For proven results, trust Mosquito Squad of Springfield for powerful West Springfield mosquito control. Give us a call at (413) 418-3359