Ticks in Wilbraham: Keeping the Yard Safe Before Winter Arrives


The onset of autumn is on the way, bringing cooler temperatures and the promise of cozy evenings ahead. Fall is a time of year many people enjoy, especially by those who live in the Northeast. As a resident of Massachusetts, you understand what it means to savor the outdoors when the riot of autumn colors arrives across the state. From picking pumpkins to taking a stroll down your favorite wooded trail, there are so many fall activities to choose from! Make sure you temper your enjoyment with a hearty dose of caution, though. While the fall season beckons us outdoors, a threat remains nearby.

Wilbraham tick control should be on your mind this fall

While we typically associate ticks with the spring and summer, you need to be aware that ticks remain active even in October. Unlike mosquitoes, which can’t function under 50 degrees Fahrenheit, ticks can continue their usual routine until we reach 40 degrees. This fact should be concerning for a couple of reasons. Ticks are incredibly secretive feeders, capable of latching onto victims without them noticing, humans included. As if having a creature feed on your blood wasn’t gross enough, ticks are also capable of transmitting dangerous diseases that can devastate our health.

Lyme disease, for example, is quite common in the Northeast, and somewhere between 300,000 to 400,000 people are infected with the disease every year in the United States. Long-term consequences can arise from contracting a tick-borne disease, like post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome, which can cause symptoms of pain, fatigue, or difficulty thinking for 6 months or longer. Allowing ticks to thrive in your yard can have severe consequences, so make sure you are properly defended against these creatures this fall. With the assistance of a tick control expert, your tick defenses will be stronger than ever before.

Who to approach for tick control in Wilbraham

At Mosquito Squad, we take great pride in our long track record as a defender against ticks. With the help of our highly trained technicians and our powerful tick control treatments, you can defend on us to dramatically reduce the tick population on your property. Autumn should signal a time when you can frolic in the outdoors without worry, and we’re here to ensure your outdoor living experience and health are defended. Make sure you can enjoy fall to its fullest!

What’s lurking in the fall foliage? Ticks are still a worry in autumn, so make sure you’re defended with Wilbraham tick control from Mosquito Squad of Springfield. Give us a call at (413) 418-3359.