Natural Ways to Keep Bugs away from Your Outdoor Living Spaces

In the era of COVID-19 outdoor living space becomes a luxury we all need. How do you find natural ways to keep bugs away from your outdoor living space? Keep reading as we walk through a few options, such as naturalpest control by the Mosquito Squad of Southern Wisconsin. 

What Draws Bugs to Places?

Insects are highly successful, and one of their most potent tools is their antennae. Small and powerful, an insect antenna can pick up a single molecule of pheromone out of a million molecules of air. Insects, whether beneficial or pest, focus on just a few things. One is to find a mate. Another is to find food. If you are a female mosquito, then the menu options are short - Red blood. If you are a tick, you also enjoy red blood. Fleas, bed bugs, biting flies, and a few other pests also feed on red blood. Each of these pests can locate us using their antenna. Biting flies may be the bane of humanity, and the exception to this fact — They are primarily visual hunters. When it comes to female mosquitoes, the CO2 we exhale attracts them. They use their antenna to track our vapor trail. The male mosquito prefers to dine on plant sap. As we lounge around the pool chatting, we emit CO2, and the more of us there are, the more CO2 in the air. Suddenly, mosquitoes are out and after us.

Natural Ways to Keep Bugs Away 

Certain plants deter insects. The powerful scent of citronella is an example. Many herbaceous plants help to keep insects away. Mosquito Squad of Southern Wisconsin's natural mosquito control uses essential oils to exterminate pests safely. What can you do to keep bugs away from your outdoor living space? 


  • Landscaping with plants that repel insects: Rosemary, Chrysanthemums, Mints, lemongrass are a few of the many plants that insects do not like. 

  • Apply Essential-based products as a bug repellent: Lavender is an excellent example of an EO that repels bugs. 

  • Burn candles that emit EO vapors as a repellent. Citronella candles are a good example. 

  • Use Mosquito Squad of Southern Wisconsin and our natural mosquito and tick control as a perimeter application or misting. 

Keeping your family and pets safe and your outdoor living area free of bugs does not need to be complicated. If you are not ready to change the landscaping or prefer not to drench yourself in essential oils, then reach out to Mosquito Squad of Southern Wisconsin online or by phone at (630) 521-3303. We help keep your outdoor living space free of pests all season long.