The Best Tips That Keep Kids Safe From Potentially Infectious Mosquito Bites

The CDC states that mosquitoes are one of nature's most dangerous pests because they can spread many potentially deadly diseases. This problem is one that you need to protect your children from experiencing. Wisconsin has more than 56 species of mosquitoes, and the following steps will protect your children from mosquito bites and make your yard a safer and more comfortable area. You and your kids deserve this level of protection.

Always Apply Insect Repellent When Outside

Try to find an EPA-registered insect repellent to ensure that you can protect your children. These products include safe and effective ingredients that can keep mosquitoes away and even kill those who do land on the skin anyway. Make sure to apply this repellent very carefully, shielding the child's eyes and mouth with your hand to ensure that they don't get any mist in these delicate areas. Take this step before you contact any mosquito abatement service to save money.

Put On Longer Clothing

Though wearing long-sleeved shirts or long-legged pants may be somewhat uncomfortable in the summer, this step protects children by keeping mosquitoes away from their bare skin. Typically, mosquitoes are at their worst during the early and later parts of the day, so this clothing option may be wise because it will help protect your children from lower temperatures during the day.

Remove Water Sources

Any mosquito control expert will tell you that mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, such as mud puddles, kiddie pools, uncovered spas, ponds, and lakes. Try to eliminate any standing water in your yard by turning over items that may collect water or soaking up the water with towels. If you have a pond or lake on your property, install a bubble to keep the water from standing still.

Install a Mosquito Net

If your children love playing outside but in a central area (such as in a sandbox or on your deck), install mosquito netting around this area. You can usually find netting from a mosquito control contractor, who may also install it for you. Just as importantly, you can install mosquito nets on your doors that let you come in but keep mosquitoes and other pests out.

Get Regular Treatments By Experts

Yard treatments help destroy any mosquito eggs in your yard, adult mosquitoes nesting in trees and create a long-term and effective care option. If you don't want to get chemical-based mosquito treatments, naturaloptions are available. These utilize various types of oils and safe ingredients that ensure a mosquito-free yard. In this way, you can protect your children from serious bite dangers.

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