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Why It’s Important to Target Ticks Early in New Hampshire


We’ve made it to April and with the new month come warmer temperatures. While 40’s and 50’s don’t seem like the paradise we have been wishing for, it is warm enough for more than just New Hampshire residents to come out of hibernation. When temperatures climb over 35 degrees, ticks begin emerging from their long winters nap as well.

Tick on stick Ticks in New Hampshire are of particular concern because of the large number that carry Lyme Disease. New Hampshire is one of the top five states for Lyme Disease incidence rates and the numbers continue to rise. According to the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, over 50% of deer ticks in most New Hampshire counties are infected with the bacterium that causes Lyme Disease. Of course the best way to prevent Lyme Disease is to avoid being bitten by ticks, a feat that can be difficult living in our part of the country. Other ways to keep your family safe are by monitoring, removing and eliminating ticks all together from your yard.

  •  Monitor: Frequently check for ticks after being outdoors.
  • Remove: Remove ticks within 24 – 36 hours of attachment to prevent disease transmission.
  • Eliminate: Call Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire to eliminate ticks in all stages of their lifecycle and keep them away from your treated property. Our two-step approach starts with our highly effective barrier treatment applied every 21-days to the foliage in your yard, where the adult ticks reside. Our second step targets the nymph ticks by strategically placing tick traps around your property in early spring and late summer. The traps contain treated cotton that is taken by rodents to their dens where the nymph ticks live. The cotton is safe for humans and animals but eliminates ticks on contact.

Following our two-step intensive tick control and prevention program will effectively eliminate up to 90% of ticks in your yard. Getting started early will not only eliminate those ticks that survived our winter and are looking for a blood meal, it will also prevent future generations from developing.

Tick Warning Sign Give Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire a call today to keep you and your family safe from ticks and the diseases they can transmit all season long. Our consultation is always free and we are happy to answer any questions you may have about eliminating ticks and mosquitoes in your yard.  Call us today for a free quote •(603) 538-3125• 

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