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Keep Calm and Call the Squad – why you should choose Mosquito Squad over the competition


keep calm and call the squadYou may wonder why so many Southern New Hampshire residents are choosing Mosquito Squad of SoNH to take care of their mosquito and tick control needs each season. The answer is simple, Mosquito Squad works. Using our season long mosquito barrier treatment program means you will get 90%+ fewer mosquito bites when in your yard. Not only does this mean you will experience 90% less irritation from these nuisance insects, it also means you have a 90% less chance of coming into contact with a mosquito or tick carrying a vector-borne illness. Mosquito Squad customers swear by it. Some of our customers in Newmarket and Stratham wouldn’t even thing of kicking off the outdoor living season without scheduling ” The Squad” to eliminate the mosquitoes first.

The reason our product is so effective is because it eliminates not only the mosquitoes and ticks within your yard on contact, it keeps on working long after our technician has left your yard. Our product continues to work using a time-released formula for up to three weeks following each application. The beauty of our service is not having to call when the mosquitoes start to show up again. Our service ensures no gaps in mosquito control; it is a constant that protects you and your family all season long. Mosquito Squad of SoNH takes care of scheduling and keeps your yard protected.

blood filled female mosquitoThis is a promise other mosquito control companies in the area cannot make. Their product mainly consists of what is referred to as a “knock down” treatment. This means their product only eliminates the mosquitoes and ticks that happen to be in your yard at the time of treatment. They don’t offer a residual product such as ours. With their service, you may have mosquitoes and ticks emerging as soon as the next day after their treatment. Not only does our service provide protection from mosquitoes and ticks, you also get protection from other bugs such as fleas and the dreaded deerfly.

You can count on protection from Mosquito Squad. We are America’s leading company dedicated exclusively to controlling mosquitoes and ticks that transmit disease and ruin your backyard experience. If you call us with a problem, we will come out and re-treatment with no questions asked. If you are ready to get rid of the bugs that are bugging you this season, keep calm and call the squad.

Contact Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire to learn more about our safe and effective barrier treatment program. Live mosquito free or die. Call now (603) 538-3125 start living the mosquito free life.

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