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Is There a Better Way to Control Mosquitoes and Ticks in Your New Hampshire Yard? You Bet!

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With the mosquito and tick season gearing up, we have been receiving calls from happy customers renewing their services for the upcoming season. We mosquito and tick have also received calls asking why our service is better than other mosquito control companies around the area. That’s a question we love to answer because we know there are advantages to Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire’s service over other companies.

When it comes to mosquito and tick control, you want to be assured you are receiving the most complete service to keep your family safe all season long. It’s important to do your research to ensure you are receiving the best protection and that it lasts all season long. When talking with mosquito and tick control companies, be sure you get answers to these important questions:

1. Is the company properly licensed? New Hampshire does require a license to perform pest control services. There are several categories of licenses so be sure the company does have the proper categorized license before performing any services. Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire has been licensed for 15 years to ensure our services are at the highest, most effective level.

2. How many products will the company be using throughout the season? Some companies use the same product at the same concentration throughout the season. This concentration may work in the beginning but as the mosquito and tick activity picks up, their products will not be as effective. Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire uses up to 5 different products throughout the season to increase the efficiency of the product as the mosquito and tick activity increases. Additional add-on products are used to keep your mosquito and tick control at its highest level.

yard3. How long does the product last? Some companies use the cheapest products available on the market and you will notice that in the level of protection. The cheaper products will not weather well. If it stays dry for three weeks, you will continue to have moderate control but if you get any kind of precipitation, your mosquito and tick control will be reduced dramatically. With Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire, you will continue to have superior control up to 21-days, when we come back to apply an additional treatment. That is because our barrier treatment encompasses a micro encapsulated product that protects it from precipitation and keeps it from washing away.

4. What is their policy on re-treating? There may come a time throughout your season when you begin to see mosquitoes and ticks out with a vengeance between your treatments. Does your mosquito and tick control company offer to come out and re-treat before your next scheduled treatment? Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire will come out to evaluate your property for the increased activity and re-treat it if needed free of charge.

5. What is their service guarantee? Does your mosquito and tick control company guarantee their services for the highest level of protection to your family? It should. Your complete satisfaction is very important to Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire. If you find you are not completely satisfied, give us a call and we will make it right. We stand behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee because we are confident in our products and services.

In addition to these questions, make sure you are comparing prices for the same acreage of your property and the same length of time. Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire will always give you an accurate quote based on your complete acreage and for proactive protection throughout the season. Give us a call today at (603) 538-3125. We’d be happy to give you a quote and answer any additional questions you may have. We’re sure you’ll see why Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire is the best choice in mosquito and tick protection for your Southern New Hampshire yard.

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