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Getting Rid of Mosquitoes in Your Southern New Hampshire Backyard


Drive mosquitoes out of your yard before they start biting.Last week, we told you about some characteristics that mosquitoes find very attractive so you can avoid certain behaviors and take precautions that minimize the bites you receive. While these steps help you avoid these pests, it is best to simply not have them around at all. So how do you get rid of mosquitoes in your backyard or keep them from coming to visit in the first place? In order to be effective in your efforts, it’s important to understand a little about mosquito life.

Mosquitoes don’t live very long, only about a month, but during that timeframe, they are extremely active breeders. A single female mosquito can lay over three hundred eggs during each egg-laying period, and she will have four of these periods during her short lifetime. Of these mosquito larvae, about half of them will be female, each one capable of laying just as many eggs as her mother. So in optimal conditions, your backyard can go from mosquito-free to virtually infested in very little time. If you are trying to rid yourself of mosquitoes or prevent them from calling your property home, you simply have to prevent those optimal conditions.

Mosquitoes proliferate anywhere there is stagnant water.Water, specifically still water, is essential for mosquito breeding. Female mosquitoes lay eggs anywhere they can find stagnant water, and they don’t need much. It only takes about a teaspoon (or one bottle capful). In order to prevent or reduce mosquitoes, you need to eliminate standing water in your yard. Be sure that you turn over any buckets or kid’s toys that could collect rainwater and routinely check your property for any items that may have collected it. Pour it out if you find it. Poorly drained areas of your yard also hold enough water to allow mosquitoes to breed. Check drainage ditches, pipes, and gutters for blockages that create the opportunity for water to pool and remove any blockages.

While eliminating standing water will go a long way toward mosquito control, you will probably still have some of them. Treating your property will further reduce the mosquito population. Who should you call? Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire. Our mosquito treatments are extremely effective and registered with the EPA. Our barrier sprays are applied to the vegetation on your property and contain a binding agent that allows them to be effective for 21 days. We also have misting systems and organic options. So call us today to learn more about these options and sign up! Nothing is more annoying than abandoning a fun evening outdoors because you’re becoming mosquito dinner. Do something about it. Call us today at (603) 538-3125!