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Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire introduces you to the Gallinipper mosquito, the largest biting mosquito in the US


Dread SkeeterHave you heard about the “monster mosquito”?

According to a recent article published by the Sun Sentinel, scientists and University of Florida bug experts are raising a warning flag about a native population of super mosquitoes with super-painful bites. These super mosquitoes are referred to as Gallinippers. These mosquitoes are common to the entire eastern half of the U.S., but Florida’s summer tropical rain has the potential to yield huge populations. Since these mosquitoes lay their eggs in the soil, the prediction for this year’s bumper crop of Gallinippers is based on the increase in the eggs laid from last year’s population. The record numbers were a direct result of tropical storms last summer.

Even though this mammoth mosquito is not known to carry any mosquito-borne diseases, it is known to pack a big punch at dinnertime. Since the Gallinipper is about 20 times the size of a regular mosquito they are vicious biters that leave large wounds on their host. This species is the largest biting mosquito in the United States.  If you come into contact with one of these mosquitoes there is no mistaking it from a typical mosquito. Gallinippers are about the size of a quarter and have shaggy hair on their legs. Their legs are also colored in a zebra like pattern that is unmistakable. During their short life span of about one week this mosquito also eats the larvae of other mosquitoes as well as feeding off the blood of mammals.

Gallinipper mosquitoIf you plan to visit Florida in the warmer season, it is important to be aware of the possibility of coming into contact with one of these monster mosquitoes. We recommend that you dress properly and protect yourself when venturing outdoors from dusk until dawn. Pack some insect repellent along with your sunscreen too. Since the Gallinipper  is more likely to emerge after a midsummer rain, it is important to always stay abreast of the forecast when you travel as well.

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