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Chikungunya Virus Is Making News in Southern New Hampshire


Blood filled female mosquito When we think about mosquito-borne illnesses, West Nile Virus is the one that comes to mind, but unfortunately, mosquitoes are vectors for many diseases. Recently, Chikungunya virus, a flu-like disease transmitted by mosquitoes that includes rash and joint swelling, has been receiving more media attention than in the past. It even made last Saturday’s broadcast of Good Morning America. Why? Because for the first time, outbreaks are occurring very close to the United States. In previous years, few people in Southern New Hampshire would ever be exposed to Chikungunya. It was found primarily in Africa, Asia, and India, and only those traveling to such areas of the world were at risk of contracting the virus. However, in December 2013, an outbreak occurred in the Caribbean, bringing the virus very close home. While there have still been no outbreaks in the United States to date, more cases are occurring stateside because the Caribbean countries are popular travel destinations for more US citizens.

So what does this all mean? If your travel plans are within the United States, you probably won’t be exposed to Chikungunya virus this year. However with the disease so close by, it really is only a matter of time before the virus spreads into our country. According to the CDC, “[w]ith the recent outbreaks in the Caribbean and the Pacific, the number of chikungunya cases among travelers visiting or returning to the United States from affected areas will likely increase. These imported cases could result in local spread of the virus in the continental United States”

standing water in wheelbarrowChikungunya is just one more disease in the mosquito-borne arsenal, so it is important to minimize your exposure to mosquitoes in order to prevent these diseases. You can do this by making your property less appealing to them. Remember that mosquitoes love standing water. They need it to breed and multiply, so do not let it accumulate in your yard. Be sure to turn over any outdoor items that could collect rainwater, and if it does collect in a toy, bucket, or other item, get rid of the water as soon as possible. The longer water is undisturbed, the more likely it is to attract mosquitoes. You can also treat your property to eliminate mosquitoes and repel new ones that are searching for a home. Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire specializes in ridding you of these pests. Our highly effective barrier sprays can eliminate up to 90% of the mosquitoes in your yard and are effective for up to 21 days. When clients schedule with us, we include all sprays for the season, so they have continuous control all summer long. Our pricing also includes the entire mosquito season.

Don’t let a mosquito-born illness ruin your summer, and when Chikungunya virus does finally break out in our area, be ready. Contact Mosquito Squad of Southern New Hampshire today at (603) 538-3125! We are in the business of protecting you and your family from the annoyance and pain of mosquito bites and from the more serious illnesses that can result.