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How to Get Rid of Ticks in Fall River Massachusetts

With Lyme Disease being the epidemic that it is in Fall River and South Shore Massachusetts, how to get rid of ticks is an extremely common question. There are many things you can do to eliminate ticks on your property. There are preventative steps you can take as well as immediate elimination methods. At Mosquito Squad of Fall River and Mosquito Squad of South Shore we promote a well-rounded approach to tick control, meaning more is more.

Preventing Ticks in Fall River

Remembering to follow the 6 C’s of tick control in your Massachusetts property is a great method of controlling the number of ticks in your yard.

  1. Clear your yard of any natural debris. Leaf piles and loose branches make a perfect dark place for ticks to live and thrive.
  2. Clean and maintain your lawn – keep the lawn short and the clippings properly disposed of.
  3. Choose deer-repellent plants. Ticks feed on deer and then drop off in your yard looking for their next blood meal.
  4. Check tick hiding places. Ticks like dark places that allow them to stay moist like retaining walls and fences.
  5. Care for your pets. Your pets are susceptible to tick-borne disease and can also carry ticks into your home. Follow your veterinarian’s advice on what products to use to protect your dogs and cats.
  6. Call the professionals. Mosquito Squad of Fall River can eliminate up to 90% of ticks in your yard with a combination of traditional tick mist and tick tube treatment.

Tick Tubes for Tick Prevention

Our tick tubes are a great way to prevent ticks in your Massachusetts yard. We place the tick tubes in late summer and early spring to eliminate larvae and nymph ticks. The tick tubes are filled with treated nesting materials and placed in strategic spots on your property where mice are likely to travel and seek nesting materials. The mice then take it back to their den where the larvae and nymph ticks that live on them and with them will be eliminated without harming the mice. This effectively eliminates next seasons generation of ticks from emerging and finding new hosts such as you, your family or your pets.

Eliminating Ticks in Fall River

In addition to our tick tube treatment, Mosquito Squad of Fall River can eliminate ticks on your property with our traditional barrier treatment. The tick mist eliminates ticks on contact and continues to work for up to 21 days. If you sign up for the season, we’ll automatically come back every three weeks to keep your yard tick and mosquito free without you having to do a thing.