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Three Serious Reasons You Should Have Regular Pest Control Service

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Should I Hire Professional Pest Control? 3 Reasons Why Pest Control is an Easy Yes

Take back your backyard and say good riddance to mosquitoes with award-winning, locally-owned pest control.

Places like Southeastern Massachusetts are great places to live. The beautiful scenery and idyllic summer climate are appealing to many. Unfortunately, bugs like mosquitoes and ticks enjoy it, too. We have three reasons why you should hire professional pest control to protect your home.

Reduce Risk of Disease

Vector-borne diseases like Lyme disease, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE), and others are dangerous and can cause lasting illness. Tick and mosquito control will eliminate these bugs and help lower your risk of bites while enjoying your outdoor living space.

Improve Sleep With Mosquito Control

Bug bites can ruin a good night’s sleep because you’re a sitting duck waiting for pests to enjoy their next meal. The constant tickle of bugs on your skin then waking up with itchy bites all over can lead to nights of lost sleep and even develop anxiety. Our barrier mosquito control will eliminate these pests from your home and yard and keep them away so you can get back to sleeping on a regular schedule.

Get Back to Outdoor Living with Tick Control

One of the best parts of spring and summer is spending time in your backyard grilling and playing with the kids. Mosquitoes and ticks can really put a damper on this. Bug mist and citronella oil are slightly effective at repelling mosquitoes but at a cost of also repelling people. Our mosquito and tick control methods eliminate these bugs at their sources so you can have a season free of irritation.

Get the Best Pest Control for Your Home

When you sign up for mosquito control and tick control services with Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts, you can enjoy season-long benefits with just a single request. Our team will automatically come out and treat your property every two to three weeks, depending on the service you choose. And with our dedication to customer service, you’ll enjoy email and text communications letting you know when we are coming and when we are done, each and every time. Call (774) 234-4611 today for a free estimate. We truly believe we are your choice for the best pest control around.