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Southeastern Mass Outdoor Fun All Summer Long

Summer is in full swing in Southeastern Mass. Schools been out for several weeks, Independence Day has passed, and the heat and humidity are here for their brief but intense annual visit. You started the summer strong with big plans for daily outings, time at the pool and trips to the beach, but now that the heat has set in, and the festivities of the 4th have passed, your energy may be waning. You might be giving in to the kids’ requests to stay indoors, playing video games, watching cartoons and generally not doing a whole lot.  While getting the kids outside can be a struggle no matter what the case is, eliminating pesky mosquitoes and ticks from your yard can make forcing them out the door less daunting.

Long Summer Days Should Be Spent Outdoors

Do you remember long summer days of heading outside mid-morning, only stopping back in for some lunch, cold drinks and maybe dinner? You knew it was time to get home when the street lights bridged the gap from dusk to nightfall. As kids, we were told to go outside. By doing this, our parents taught us to use our imaginations, play with friends and enjoy all the variety nature offers us. We climbed trees, collected bugs and wore our scrapes and sunburns like badges of honor. There is no reason we can’t send our kids outdoors for the day too.

Give Kids Freedom with Mosquito & Tick Control

While we feel pressure to hover and protect our children all day long due to a perceived increase risk of danger lurking around every corner, we can do better with our knowledge of the importance of sunscreen and mosquito control. Most of the actual danger is our improved knowledge of risks that were always there. The risk of sunburn (skin cancer) and bug bites (mosquito-borne disease and tick-borne disease) has always existed. In the case of mosquito bites and tick bites, the increased risk is real, as there have been more cases of mosquito and tick-borne illness in recent years.

To ease your mind when trying to push your kids to enjoy the great outdoors this summer, slather them with the best sunscreen and eliminate 85-90% of mosquitoes and ticks on your property with help from Mosquito Squad of Southeaster Massachusetts. Whether it is spending all day in the pool, on the trampoline or climbing trees, your kids can enjoy fewer itchy bug bites and a lower risk for tick-borne disease and mosquito-borne disease. In return, you can tell them to get outside, knowing your summers spent outdoors were the best summers of your life, and your kids should get to enjoy the same.

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