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Mosquito Squad is Not JUST Mosquito Control We Also Solve Your Tick Problems

A photo of a tick

Mosquitoes aren’t the only disease-carrying pests that we have to worry about when we are outdoors. Ticks carry many dangerous illnesses, and they can be right outside your backdoor.

Ticks choose humans and other larger mammals as a blood meal in their later life stages. When they attach themselves to a human, if not found, they can stay attached for several days and transmit diseases such as Lyme. When you find a tick attached to your skin, it’s essential to remove it quickly and properly. Follow safe tick removal tips each and every time. However, to avoid tick bites at home, Mosquito Squads professional tick treatment services are what you really need. Worry less about removing ticks by eliminating them with our tick control services.

How Our Tick Control Services Work

You already know about our popular barrier treatment and how it works on mosquitoes, but did you know it eliminates ticks too? That’s right. It is a 1 - 2 punch. Our barrier treatment eliminates 85-90% of adult ticks and mosquitoes. Period.

We also have a second tick protection system that starts to work on next year’s tick population. That’s right. We get them before they even make it out into your yard. It’s called the tick tube system. Our trained technicians place these tubes strategically around your yard to entice mice. The mice pull the treated cotton from inside the tube and take it to use as nesting material. Larval ticks feed on these mice. The treated cotton eliminates these ticks before they become nymphs and make their way out into your yard. Problem solved before it starts.

More Than Just Pest Control

As one of the states with the highest risk for Lyme disease, in Massachusetts, we are all very aware of the harm ticks can do. Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts is your best choice in avoiding tick bites with our tick control services. However, it isn’t just our excellent product that makes us excellent. We are locally owned. We are part of your community. Every part of your experience is important to us, from the first phone call to every treatment after. That is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We aren’t happy if our customers aren’t happy.

Mosquito Squad has serviced over 300,000 families, so we know our commitment to good service is working. Let us show you how that commitment to excellence can work for you. Let us be your mosquito and tick control solution. It only takes one phone call. We would love to speak with you.