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Lakeville Mosquito Control Efforts Interrupted by No Spray Requests

In early spring, Plymouth County Mosquito Control District began misting for mosquitoes and applying larvicide to combat the spread of dangerous mosquito-borne diseases like Zika, Triple E, and West Nile Virus. The idea is to get mosquitoes early in the season and early in development for better season long results. But this year hundreds of acres in Lakeville and thousands across the state will not be treated due to a no-mist request from the Mass Audobon.

Lakeville’s Cedar Swamp Not Receiving Mosquito Control Treatment

CBS Boston reports that Mass Audobon, a non-profit land preservation organization has requested thousands of acres be exempt from misting. While many residents and horse farmers in Lakeville think more misting is needed, not less, there is nothing the residents can do about it. Requests for exemption from mosquito treatment can be made by private landholders for a variety of valid reason. The Mass Audobon sites the impact the mist can have on bees and other wildlife as part of their reasoning.

The Department of Public Health is concerned about Triple E in particular, as it is such a deadly mosquito-borne disease, but says even with the no-mist requests that mosquito control efforts are still useful. Lakeville residents remain concerned because the 900 acre Cedar Swamp owned by Mass Audobon is a fruitful mosquito breeding ground.

When the risks for Triple E and West Nile Virus are at high levels, the Mass Audobon will let the misting take place. The last time DPH enforced a high threat level was in 2012. Residents voice their preference for making public health the bigger priority in this case.

If you live near the Lakeville Cedar Swamp and are concerned about the lack of effectiveness from the efforts of the Plymouth County Mosquito Control District, call Mosquito Squad of the South Shore. Our traditional barrier treatment can eliminate up to 90% of mosquitoes in your yard. We also offer a natural mosquito mist if you have a need for a more natural mosquito control solution.