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How to keep Mosquitoes from Living and Breeding in your Decorative Pond or Fountain


There are lots of great reasons to add a water feature to your garden. They can be beautiful. The sound of a fountain can be quite tranquil. Water can attract butterflies and birds. However, water can also attract mosquitoes and there’s NOTHING beautiful or tranquil about that.

Controlling Mosquitoes in Water Features

Now don’t talk yourself out of the addition of a pond or fountain just yet. Adult mosquitoes are going to be attracted to your pond and will likely lay eggs. There’s little control of that, but controlling the larvae is something you can do. Keeping the baby mosquitoes from successfully developing into adults and exiting the water will cut down on the mosquito population altogether.

How to Keep Mosquitoes From Developing in Your Water Feature

How do you keep mosquito eggs from developing in your pond, fountain, or water feature? There are several ways to make your water feature less hospitable for mosquito growth, we recommend utilizing a combination of the following ideas:

First of all, mosquito eggs survive in shallow water, so dig deep. It’s best if any water feature you create is at least two feet deep. Also, any feature that includes a quick drop off will be less favorable.

Moving water is better too. The addition of a waterfall can be the perfect way to keep water from becoming stagnant while adding soothing sound.

Next, you’re going to want to keep any organic debris out of your water source. Vegetation provides food, shade, and shelter to the mosquito larvae and you don’t want that.

Another great addition… fish! Fish can swallow up tons of mosquitoes.

If you have a huge problem or are considering features such as bird baths that are going to be shallow and non-moving you may want to consider larvicides. These will eliminate mosquito larvae without harming other living organisms.

Now that we’ve helped you decide that you can keep your pond or fountain we have one more issue to address. Remember those adult mosquitoes? The ones that will still be attracted to the water, the ones that lay the eggs? Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Mass has the solution for that. Our mosquito barrier treatment will eliminate 85-90% of existing mosquitoes on contact and it’s time released formula continues to work for up to three weeks. There’s no reason you can’t build the garden and pond area that you want and enjoy it without the annoyance of mosquitoes. Call us today to schedule your treatment. You’ll be so glad you did.