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Don’t Let “Itchy” & “Ouchy” Describe Your Fall River Wedding Day

While spring has officially arrived, it can be hard to think about spring events when the snow is still falling. Except, if you’re a bride-to-be. Planning your wedding has likely been a yearlong endeavor. As the special day draws near you are working on tying up all the small details like flower arrangements, centerpieces and chair covers. Every little detail adds up to the wedding day of your dreams. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding to take advantage of the glorious surrounding landscape, we want to remind you to schedule your special event mosquito & tick control.

Special Event Mosquito Control

Can you imagine your Aunt Ruth in her finest formal dress swatting mosquitoes off her neck? Did you list on the invitation for guests to bring a can of mosquito mist? Maybe your wedding planner has suggested a dance floor surrounded by Citronella candles? If you want a no fuss, no muss way to keep your guests comfortable and focused on you and your big day, consider hiring Mosquito Squad of Fall River for special event mosquito control.

Special Event Tick Control

Will the flower girl and ring bearer be rolling in the grass and adventuring out into the brush around your stunning wedding venue? Protect them from ticks & tick bites that can quickly scurry up under their suit or dress unnoticed. Ticks don’t just hide in the underbrush, they are happy to hang out in the lawn of your party space, waiting patiently for those floor length hemlines to brush on by so they can grab hold. Keep all of your guests protected from ticks and tick bites with our special even tick control service.

What is Special Event Tick Control & Special Event Mosquito Control?

Our special event mist works on both mosquitoes and ticks. It is our highly effective popular barrier treatment. Our trained technicians will mist your entire outdoor wedding space, leaving a residue free, odorless barrier keeping your entire event mosquito free and tick free until well after the last guest heads home.

Don’t wait until the week of your big day. Call now, we’ll get you on the schedule to make sure your wedding goes off without a mosquito or tick.