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After a long and harsh winter, spring has finally come to Massachusetts!

Everyone is anxious to get outside and enjoy the warmth, sunshine and green grass. Bristol County has plenty of great parks and recreation areas, allowing residents and visitors access to nature, fresh air, sports, picnics, parties and fun all the way through the summer.

An especially popular area is Pope Park in Acushnet, which hosts Little League practice, baseball & t-ball games, and a variety of playground activities. And if you visit Pope Park, you and your family can also be confident that you’ll be protected from mosquitoes and ticks, thanks to Mosquito Squad of Fall River that provides Mosquito Control throughout Bristol County, Massachusetts.

Mosquito Squad protects residences and recreational areas with our effective treatments for both mosquitoes and ticks. Our trained technicians mist the areas where mosquitoes and ticks are known to feed and live – bushes, grasses, and areas of the park that see heavy use. The mist eliminates adult pests on contact and can be reapplied every three weeks during the hotter months. In addition, we provide tick tubes, which help control ticks earlier in their life cycle. Our services enable municipalities to be more proactive in pest protection so that they can provide safer and more enjoyable park usage.

At Pope Park, this is our third season providing mosquito and tick prevention. Little League families and coaches can be confident that their runners and catchers won’t be targets. Picnickers can lie in the grass without constant worry that they’ll be bitten or carry home ticks. Dogs and their owners can run and play together safely. Players starting a pickup t-ball or basketball game in the evening can feel confident that they’ll avoid pests. Parents and small children meeting for play dates on climbing structures and swing sets are protected. Our dependable results are why the Chairman of the Board of Pope Park has trusted us to provide mosquito and tick control for his residence too.

Mosquito Control is an important partner in outdoor recreation for municipal, residential and commercial clients in Bristol County MA. Whether it’s a summer day camp, a pool club, a riding school, a tennis court, a local pond, or the green space at an apartment complex, Mosquito Squad will decrease mosquito and tick populations by as much as 90 percent. Reducing your exposure to pest bites and diseases is a wise choice for our long hot Massachusetts summers.

Father-daughter duo with Mosquito Squad. Arthur Rodrigues is the owner of Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Mass.

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