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Ten of Our Most-Read Mosquito & Tick Blogs of the Last Decade

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Knowledge is Power When it Comes to Mosquito and Tick Prevention

Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts is turning ten years old this year. To celebrate, we're taking a look back at highlights and game-changing moments within our company and among our clients.

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It wasn't long after we opened our doors that we began our own mosquito and tick blog. There is a large variety of information about mosquitoes and ticks, how to prevent them, the diseases they carry, and the local threat for these diseases. And just as much misinformation.

We discovered rather quickly that much of the vital information was not widely known. Furthermore, arming our friends and neighbors with knowledge became just as important as reducing mosquitoes and ticks. It also gave us a place to provide an easy, quick reference for the most frequently asked questions.

Check out our top 10 blogs below. Bookmark it too! The list is an excellent reference for some essential mosquito and tick topics in Plymouth and Bristol counties.

10. (2017) Fact Check: Are Those Really Tick Eggs?

9. (2021) How Bad Will the 2021 Mosquito Season Be?

8. (2018) Why are Ticks So Difficult to Remove?

7. (2020) FDA Approved Drug Shows Promise for Treating Lyme Disease

6. (2018) Fact or Fiction: Can Ticks Be Found on the Beach?

5. (2019) Did You Know Deer Don't Get Lyme Disease?

4. (2016) How to Properly Dispose of a Tick

3. (2017) Say No to Peppermint Oil: Safe Tick Removal and Why It's So Important

2. (2020) Can I Catch the Corona Virus or Influenza From a Mosquito?

1. (2019) Allergic to Mosquito Bites: The Alarming Symptoms of Skeeter Syndrome

If you'd like to learn more about reducing mosquitoes and ticks on your property, give us a call today. The Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts team is ready to serve you, starting with a free quote.