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10 Ways to Prepare your Southeastern Massachusetts Backyard for Post-Pandemic Outdoor Entertaining

backyard grill and deck area

Every year the wait for spring and summer can feel long and cold, especially once we make it past the holiday season. But the arrival of spring 2021 has been more anticipated than any we can remember.

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to wind down (and hopefully continues to do so), we are all eager to get outdoors with our vaccinated family and friends to resume something closer to normalcy. If you’re anything like us, you are already planning your first backyard cookouts and summer gatherings. Don’t just set the date. Get out to your backyard and make sure it is ready for post-pandemic outdoor entertaining with these ten tips:

10. Power Washing

power washing patio

Power washing your deck or patio space is a must for creating an excellent outdoor entertaining space. Winter can leave dirt, mildew, leaf stains, and more. Your home and property will look refreshed and new if you take the extra time to also power-wash your siding, garage, and other outbuildings.

9. Patio Heater or Fire Pit

Making your outdoor living area comfortable, even on cooler nights, can be achieved with a patio heater or a fire pit. Patio heaters have become more accessible and can be moved around your space to heat the area you need. Fire pits can also be portable, or you can build them right into your patio or a dedicated space in the yard.

8. Subtle Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a fabulous way to make an outdoor space function after dark. Choose ambient lighting for the landscaping around your entire property to create a soft and subtle glow in the entire space. Or go for fun or functional lighting specifically for your deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen with overhead string lights, pendant lighting, deck lighting, or hardscape lights.

7. New Grill or Smoker

meat on the grill

Along with the surging trend for bigger and better outdoor living space, outdoor cooking is rising. To maximize the frequency of outdoor cooking, homeowners are updating their gear. Flat top grills for creating fantastic stir fry, diner-style burgers, and even cooking breakfast outdoors are all the rage. Meat smokers are also getting easier to use and becoming a staple for many grill masters.

6. Refresh Your Fabrics

Update the style of your outdoor space by replacing your old worn cushions and pillows. Go for bright beachy colors like aquamarine or summer pops of color like golden yellow. If you do not have cushions and pillows to update, see tip number six.

5. Add Comfy Lounge Furniture

Over the past few years, outfitting decks and patios to be as comfortable as your living room has become a must. With outdoor fabrics becoming more durable, it is an easy way to encourage more outdoor time. Choose an outdoor sofa or sectional that will allow the whole family to sit comfortably on the deck for everyday use or entertaining.

4. Upgrade Entertainment with a Television and Sound System

If you ever find yourself wanting to be outdoors but also wanting to watch the big game, you’re not alone! Today’s outdoor living is about all your favorite ways to be entertained, including television, movies, and music. Add an outdoor television to your porch for the ultimate backyard tailgate-style party or family movie night around the fire pit.

3. Install your favorite yard game(s)

If 2020 has taught us anything, it has taught us how to enjoy more time at home. One way to create fun is with yard games. What are you waiting for? Now is a perfect time to install those horseshoe pits, the sand volleyball court, a bocce court, or other backyard game. These games are perfect for family time or for entertaining friends.

2. Shade

You might be eager to soak up some sun right now, but when the heat gets here, you’ll need some UV protection. Whether you want permanent full shade with a new porch roof, partial shade with a pergola, or the flexibility of cantilever and market umbrellas, shade in your outdoor living space is a must!

1. Pest Control

Amazing outdoor living spaces can’t be complete without a specific effort to mitigate annoying biting insects. Mosquitoes lead to itchy, annoying bites and carry dangerous diseases like WNV and EEE. Ticks carry Lyme disease and let’s be honest; they are just super gross to deal with too!

Read the Ts of mosquito control and the 6cs of tick control to clean up your yard. These specific clean-up tips help reduce attractive habitats where mosquitoes and ticks can thrive and multiply.

At Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts, we want to see our community enjoy the great outdoors as much as possible. We offer highly effective mosquito control and tick control programs to reduce these pests on your property. Call today to request a free quote.