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Track Mosquito-Borne Diseases Like EEE in Massachusetts for Continued Summer Fun

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In past years we’ve told you to follow for up-to-date mosquito disease awareness, however there is a new resource. has a launched a new website to follow and keep us informed.

Massachusetts EEE Risk Map

Follow this link and it takes you directly to the Government’s Arbovirus updated EEE risk map. You will notice that the Plymouth County area is currently at Moderate risk level. Therefore, the time to keep watch is now. As the season moves on the risk will get higher. We can expect to see more positive testing as we move into August. Heat and wet weather will have the mosquito population growing quickly. As always, with more mosquitoes comes the increase in potential for mosquito-borne illnesses.

EEE Risk Map

Tracking Mosquito-Borne Disease

Right now, mosquitoes are beginning to test positive for EEE and it is the mosquito-borne illness in the forefront of our mind, but it’s not the only one in existence. The site linked above also contains a risk map for West Nile Virus. While our counties are all at low risk at the moment it is still something to watch and the state site makes it easily accessible. A third benefit of the site is that you can link to the maps from your mobile phone. You can take the information with you as you travel out of your own county and into others. Knowing the risks you may encounter as you travel can help you prepare for camping or hiking away from home. You’ve got to love this tool!

Continuous Mosquito Control at Home

Knowing the risks of mosquito-borne illness is important for public health. Helping to remove the source is imperative. By continuing your own professional mosquito control treatment program at home, you are doing your part in lowering the mosquito population as a whole. Simple as that! We are sure you want to do your part. Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts wants to help you. Call us today and let’s schedule your first barrier treatment. And don’t forget to bookmark the arbovirus mapping site. Keep informed. You won’t regret it.