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I got Lyme Disease at your 4th of July party

The biggest holiday of the summer is coming. In just over a week we’ll be gathering for back yard barbecues, fireworks and memory making. Hosting a summer weekend of fun takes just the right amount of hard work and preparation.

First things first, we have to prepare the yard for the activities of the day. Start with the pool, is it clean, are the chemicals balanced, is the temperature warm enough? Next we’ll labor over the flower beds, adding fresh annuals, fresh mulch and fresh water to create the perfect summer party atmosphere. Once we’re done there we’ll get the yard mowed, the hedges trimmed, the fire pit cleaned out and the deck power washed.

Now it’s time to get out the supplies. Set up the volleyball net in the side yard. The horse shoe pits and bean bag toss are ready to go behind the pool. And the refrigerator is stocked with food and beverages to feed an army. Bring on the guests!

Did you forget something? Those uninvited pesky ticks and mosquitoes? They are not invited but they certainly will come any way. Especially with the plethora of delicious people running around your yard. At Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts we want your 4th of July to be free of mosquitoes and ticks. No one wants to be on the receiving end of a call that says “I got Lyme Disease at your 4th of July party”. With our event treatment we’ll make sure your property is clear of mosquitoes and ticks so your party can start early and continue well past the fireworks show.

With the 4th falling on a Saturday this year you might be planning to head out to Silvershell Beach for the 2015 Marion Fireworks, thinking you don’t need mosquito treatment for your party. But with your annual volleyball game taking place in your side yard at high noon, there is almost certainly going to be a few stray balls landing in the thick underbrush of your tree line. With your guests dressed for the pre-fireworks pool party, there is no clothing protecting them from a questing tick just waiting for a yummy meal to grab on to. Protect them with a special event treatment from Mosquito Squad so they can go from the pool to the volleyball game and back again without any wardrobe changes. We’ll come out and treatment your entire yard, especially the underbrush, retaining walls and everywhere ticks like to hang out. Keeping your day time guests safe from ticks no matter how many stray balls they have to retrieve.

Are you reading this in August? Wishing you had heard about our event treatment sooner? Don’t wait until next Fourth of July to protect your family. You’re probably making plans for Labor Day, call today and we’ll put you on the schedule for the next outdoor holiday you are planning.