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Do You Know What’s Really Happening When a Mosquito Bites You?

Mosquitoes do a lot of damage to be so tiny. Have you ever wondered how such a tiny little thing could have survived for millions of years and risen to be the most dangerous animal on the planet? And how can it leave you itching and scratching for days after you may not have even noticed that it was biting you? This little pest has been finely engineered with all the tools it needs to get the food it requires to reproduce with what seems like little effort. Watch this video and you may be amazed and how detailed the process is.

The Step By Step Process of a Mosquito Bite

It is only the female mosquito that bites humans. Blood is necessary to create eggs. The female carries six tiny needle-like appendages in a protective sheath as her tools for extracting blood from humans and other animals. Each “needle” has a specific task.

  • Two are used to saw through your skin with teeth so sharp that you barely feel it.
  • Two pry and hold your skin apart while she works.
  • One is a probe. It seeks out your blood vessels through your skin, guides her to it, and then becomes the straw to extract the blood meal.
  • And finally the last of the six secretes chemicals into you to help with quicker, more efficient blood flow. The is what creates welts and what causes the itch.

An infected female mosquito serves as the perfect carrier and deliverer of disease. That’s what makes it important to do all you can to keep your living spaces clear of them. Follow the 5Ts of Mosquito Control and call us at Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts to schedule your mosquito barrier treatment. We will continue to keep you up-to-date with information concerning all mosquito-borne illnesses that can affect you in our area.