Mosquito Squad of Fall River and South Shore MA wants you to know that you should spray your yard, not yourself

Author: Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts

How many cans of mosquito spray do you keep on hand for spending evenings out in the yard? When guests come over do you haul out a bin full asking everyone to spray themselves? Maybe you run out and end up indoors anyway. Maybe you forgot the mosquito spray altogether and your plan for a bonfire or cocktails on the patio is ruined before it starts. Spraying yourself to repel mosquitoes is a huge hassle. We want you to know that you can spray your yard, not yourself. Even better, nobody in your yard needs to spray themselves.

Your niece Susie is a mosquito magnet. When she is over you have to make sure you cover her from head to toe. Whoops! Did you get a little bit in Susie’s eyes? Ouch. Make sure to avoid her hands, because she is definitely going to be eating some snacks or rubbing her eyes and mouth. Don’t forget her little brother. He is just big enough to toddle around the yard, how are you going to spray him down safely when everything he touches goes in his mouth? Spray your yard, not your kids.

Imagine pulling off a gorgeous al fresco dinner party, pulling out all the stops. Do you hand your guests a can of mosquito spray with their glass of wine? Heading out on the town after the lovely dinner? When you’re done sharing food, wine, and mosquito spray you better offer them a moist cloth to get that stinky mosquito spray smell off. Spray your yard, not your friends.

Don’t forget your pets! Your dog runs up to you with his favorite tennis ball eager to play catch. Like a cloud of dust, a swarm of mosquitoes comes with him. Do you use that mosquito spray made for humans on your dog? I hope not, mosquito spray labeling advises against it. Spray your yard, not your pets.

With the spraying, re-spraying, and washing the stinky mosquito spray off of yourself and your clothes it is clear that mosquito repellent is not the best way. Protect your yard and the people and pets in it by having Mosquito Squad of Southeastern Massachusetts spray your yard instead. Our traditional spray eliminates 85-90% of mosquitoes, protecting everyone who enters your yard, even if they are a mosquito magnet. We will spray your yard so you don’t have to spray yourself.