Automatic. Set it and Forget It Mosquito Control Services.

Author: Mosquito Squad of South Central Texas

Protecting yourself from mosquitoes the old-fashioned way is a real pain in the neck! Can anyone relate to the following debacles of attempting to avoid mosquito bites?

The Mosquito Repellent Stray Spray

You’re about to head out in the yard, so you grab the stinky mosquito repellent can. And as you are not fully concentrating on the task at hand, you start to spray what you think will be your arm, and the spray shoots directly at your face, landing in your mouth and eyes, leaving you spitting and crying!

The Tiki Torch Spill

tiki torches  With friends on their way for a Saturday night cookout, the last thing you need to do is refill and light the Tiki Torches with citronella oil. As you begin to pour the oil, the weight in the torch canister shifts just enough to spill all the oil out onto your deck! Now your last chore before everyone arrives is to figure out how to soak up citronella oil off your wood deck.

The Citronella Sneeze

Hanging at a friend’s house by the pool on a gorgeous summer weekend. As the sun gets lower in the sky, your BFF doesn’t want you to leave, so she lights a big three wick citronella candle on the table. Within minutes you are sneezing, with watery eyes, and an itchy nose and are profusely apologizing to your bestie as you run for the exit. You proceed to spend the rest of the night on the couch in a Benadryl haze.

The Empty Cans, Bottles, and Boxes

Your dinner guests will be arriving any minute, and you notice a few mosquitoes as you set the last dish on the patio dining table. You go to the garage to grab your tried and true can, box, or bottle of favorite mosquito repelling product, only to find it EMPTY! Oh no, your guests are pulling in the driveway and now you have to move the party indoors! What a waste of a gorgeous night and a brand new patio set.

The Mid-Party Store Run

An evening of laughter and fun as you sit around the fire pit with friends and family and one by one, the tiki torches extinguish themselves. You find yourself not wanting the good vibes and good conversation to end, so you leave your guests in the capable hands of your spouse, so you can run and get more citronella oil. Not ideal!

AND – to put the icing on the cake, did any of these ordeals end with you scratching mosquito bites regardless of the effort?

Automatic Mosquito Control Services

All of these scenes can absolutely be avoided. When you partner with Mosquito Squad of Central Texas for your season-long mosquito control needs, you just have to set it and forget it. One call and mosquitoes are done. We’ll come out and eliminate 85-90% of mosquitoes from your property, and we’ll automatically come back every three weeks to keep them gone! No running out of repellent, no refilling torches, no sending a friend home sneezing and NO STINKY SPRAY!! Just one call to get set up mosquito control for the season and we’ll handle the rest. Call Now!!