Should I stop tick control till next spring?


Unfortunately, tick control is not a natural phenomenon.

Just because the seasons change and winter rushes in, the ticks give changing weather patterns the cold shoulder. In fact, those teeny, vile ticks love the change of season as autumn settles in for a long nap.

As backyards trees shed their forever changing leaf colors and drift down to the moist ground, if you could listen closely, you’ll hear the ticks partying. Really. Ticks love to hide among the fallen leaves and patiently wait to latch onto any nearby animal for free transit – especially if they have fur or hair.

Mice and deer are usually their favorite vehicles of transit. They are second only to bunny rabbits, household dogs, and cats, unknowingly becoming hosts for ticks looking to explore and feast upon blood. Yes. Blood.

As gruesome as it sounds, ticks eat blood to survive. They wait on the tips of grasses and shrubs, nesting leaves, and inside backyard wood piles until a human or animal host brushes by, when then jump on board that unknowing gravy train.

How do I get rid of ticks in my back yard?

Fighting ticks is a losing battle for us common folk. You need someone more powerful and resilient that anything known to mankind. You need Dread Skeeter – and his team from Mosquito Squad of Rhode Island.

Dread will get the job done of killing your ticks with a one-two punch.

One. In the fall, start by having Mosquito Squad protect the areas around your home and deep into your backyard with our treatment. The sprays form a barrier that will kill adult ticks on contact.

Two. Have The Squad place powerful tick tubes around you home and throughout your backyard. The tick tubes kill ticks in a different manner – using mice to spread the killing control.

Mice are usually the first animal that ticks feed on. With tick tubes placed in strategic locations around your home and deep into your backyard – especially if you have deer nearby – ticks will die once exposed to the filaments in the tick tube of treated cotton.

Mosquito Squad tick control target areas will most likely include exterior recesses around the foundation of your home, recessed areas of your yard where Autumn leaves gather, and piles of firewood.

Our tick control services are available in Providence, Greenville, Charlestown, and surrounding areas

Stop being afraid of venturing out again with help from The Squad. Our year-round tick protection plan will help you greatly reduce the number of ticks around your home. You can connect with us right here to discuss your tick control options.

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