How Can Something So Small Make You So Sick

tick on a q-tip

Ticks are stealth. Often too tiny to see on your body. Their bites are painless. At least a mosquito will warn you with a buzz, but ticks make no sound at all. However small they are, ticks can mean big trouble to your health and well-being.

Ticks are in our daily surroundings in the Pawtucket area. While we attempt to enjoy the outdoors, these quiet, unassuming predators can wreak havoc on our bodies by spreading disease. Some might not deem Lyme infection a serious threat, because by and large, there are no public service efforts for awareness. According to (reporting CDC stats), Rhode Island had nearly 10,000 confirmed cases of Lyme disease from 2018 through 2020. If you think that number seems high, consider that the CDC believes the number of actual cases, including those misdiagnosed or non-confirmed, could be exponentially higher – up to 10 times higher than reported. So, consider this a public service message. Tick-borne illness is a major threat, and small or not, one bite from an infected tick can thrust you into a lifelong health battle.

Knowledge is power when it comes to Lyme disease prevention.

Knowing about the potential threat of Lyme disease in Pawtucket and throughout Rhode Island is the first step in preventing a tick bite in the first place. Augment that knowledge with professional Pawtucket tick control for your home and family, and gain power in your fight against the threat of Lyme infection. Call on Mosquito Squad of Rhode Island to employ our effective barrier tick control treatment with your family’s health in mind. While Lyme disease can be cured if diagnosed and treated early, many times it can be mistaken for another illness, or show now symptoms at all.

Spending time outside your home this year could mean that you encounter a Lyme-infected tick. According to the numbers above, it is quite probable. Mosquito Squad’s barrier tick control, applied about every 21 days, will greatly reduce the number of ticks around your home. The less ticks you see (or don’t see), the less chance you have of being bitten. And so your potential for Lyme infection is lower than if your property remains untreated.

Personal tick protection methods you can self-implement.

Along with winter-weary Rhode Island residents, ticks will emerge this springtime. Will you be prepared for their arrival? When spending time outdoors, from the beginning of spring through the end of fall, wear long, light colored clothing. It may not be fashionable to tuck your pants into your socks, but it goes a long way to prevent a tick bite when you are out among nature. Always check yourself for ticks upon returning indoors. Immediately take a shower and wash your hair. A tick needs to be attached to your body for over 36 hours before the disease is transmitted. It is essential that ticks are found and removed quickly.

Mosquito Squad of Rhode Island stands ready, armed with barrier tick control to help protect your family from a potentially Lyme-infected bite. Call us today at (401) 825-0110.