Where do Stink bugs Come from in the Fall?

Photo of tick

Now that fall is here and winter is on the horizon, most insects that terrorize our time in the outdoors have left. However, there are a few that remain, including ones that gravitate to the warmth of our homes. Can you guess which insects these are? Once mosquitoes and other biting insects vanish for the fall and winter, we pay little mind to the other insects that persist this time of year, but we should. There are a few kinds of bugs that like to hang around our properties during the winter and stink bugs are included in their ranks. Due to the warmth of our homes, the shelter they provide, and the food that is stored within them, our living spaces are prime territory for stink bugs that seek to avoid winter's bite. With Halloween coming up, many people will use decorative additions like hay, pumpkins, and other natural decor to spruce up their properties. Unfortunately, using things that come from nature can bring insects to your doorstep, including ticks.

Stink bug origins

Stink bugs originated in Allentown PA in the 1990s when they came over from their native habitat in a shipping container. In the warmer spring and summer months, they live in sunny places close to food sources like fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and other plant life. In the fall, however, they start coming close to our homes for shelter. Infiltrating through windows, doors, and even crawl spaces, they find ample protection. These insects are relatively harmless, aside from the acrid stench they emit when threatened or squished. While they are an enormous nuisance, another insect is present during autumn that is genuinely dangerous to our health. The tick.

Tick control is important this autumn and for next season

This fall, do not underestimate ticks, which often look for a final blood meal before entering their cold weather shelters. As a resident of the Northeast, you already know the dangers of a tick bite, but we will reiterate. Ticks can carry dangerous illnesses like Lyme disease, which can have serious consequences for your health and happiness. Instead of taking chances this fall, make sure to consult professionals about defending yourself against ticks and the diseases they carry. The downside of a bite is not worth it.

Look to the professionals for tick control

At Mosquito Squad, we have worked for nearly 20 years to ensure our customers are defended against ticks and their potentially dangerous bites. With the help of our tick barrier protection spray, tick tubes for winter defense, and highly trained technicians, we can guarantee a pronounced and significant reduction in the tick population on your property.

While stink bugs are an issue, a more sinister creature lurks this season. For tick control you can trust this fall, look no further than the professionals at Mosquito Squad of Princeton! Give us a call at (609) 778-1797 .

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