What Can Ticks Make You Allergic To?

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What Can Ticks Make You Allergic To?

Despite the many incredible defense mechanisms that exist in the human body, there are just as many vulnerabilities. Viruses and other invaders are always working to find chinks in our immune systems, and our body has developed many responses to deal with unwelcome visitors. For example, allergic reactions are meant to defend us from environmental hazards, which is why we experience mucus overproduction, sneezing, eye watering, and itching. Each of these responses, while unpleasant, indicates that your body is working to minimize the threat posed by such environmental hazards. However, this defense mechanism can often confuse benign stimuli with danger, which is why people can experience life-threatening reactions to everything from peanuts to the sun. In some cases, allergies have even been known develop or even improve over time! Where do ticks come into this equation, though? As you probably know already, ticks can cause dangerous illnesses like Lyme disease and others, but there is a newly discovered risk to being bitten by a tick. Believe it or not, ticks are causing people to develop allergies to meat!

Why you should consider Monroe Township tick treatment

Meat allergies probably sound farfetched to you, but you’re not alone. Meat allergies are very rare, and while this allergy hasn’t had much attention in the past, more and more meat allergies are reported each year. As if tick-borne diseases weren’t bad enough, the Lone Star tick and black legged tick have been identified as responsible for a growing trend of people developing meat allergies in the United States. Specifically, the allergy is triggered by tick saliva, which contains a sugar molecule known as galactose-α-1,3-galactose (alpha-gal, for short). Our bodies quickly identify alpha-gal in our blood as unnatural and part of an invasion, and we slowly develop an allergic response to alpha-gal over a course of up to three months. Unfortunately, alpha-gal is found in many kinds of meat and other products like cow’s milk and dairy. Once your body develops an allergic response to alpha-gal, there is no turning back, and the only treatment is to avoid meat and dairy products that trigger alpha-gal syndrome.

Ticks are everywhere, but Monroe Township tick treatment will help you avoid these arachnids.

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