How to Choose the Best Mosquito and Tick Control Method for your Yard

At Mosquito Squad, we have two different mosquito treatment options. With our Traditional Barrier Treatment, our technicians treat using a proprietary blend that meets both federal and local regulations. The product we use, the synthetic derivative of the chrysanthemum flower, is designed to last 21 days. Although, we do give our customers an option to treat every 14 days for an overlap in coverage. After the 48 hour period after application, you can expect to see an 85-90% reduction in mosquitoes, and it also kills 100% of adult ticks on contact. Once dry, the product is weather resistant.

Are the Traditional Barrier Applications safe for pets?

All products are pet friendly because Mosquito Squad management mixes it according to the label instructions. Your pets will be protected just like you! We only ask that you keep yourself and pets indoors during the 30 minute drying period so the product can adhere and obtain optimal results. It is important to remember that the barrier applications can’t be used as sole prevention for ticks. It is a great help, but not a replacement for your pet’s tick control.

How is the Barrier Treatment different from the Natural Treatment?

Our Natural Treatment effectively repels mosquitoes and ticks for 14 days. It is an aromatic treatment using essential oils, which repels 70-75% of mosquitoes and ticks. Natural Treatments can be as effective as synthetic treatments, although they do evaporate quicker which is the purpose of treating on a more frequent basis only.

Is it the same treatment protocol?

Our technicians apply both natural and barrier treatments similarly. However, if you have vegetation on or over water, we will have to follow label restrictions and treat with our natural product. We cannot apply our barrier treatments on docks, or along water’s edge due to the impact it may have on fish and other aquatic species.

What can I do to control mosquitoes?

There are courses of action you can take to optimize results on your property. Property maintenance plays a huge part in mosquito and tick activity. Check out the 7 T’s of Mosquito Control! You can also cultivate plants to help keep mosquitoes away naturally as well. Plants like Citronella Grass, Catnip, Basil, Lavender and Garlic are all great insect-repelling herbs and plants. These plants contain aromatic properties and produce essential oil to keep mosquitoes at bay.

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