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Ticks Arrive Early To Fairfield and Westchester Counties

As if the snow didn’t linger long enough in our area, experts are now saying that this may lead to an increase in our local tick population.  This past year’s snow cover helped to encase the ticks and protect them during the winter which unfortunately may lead to a boost in the Lyme disease-carrying creatures.  In addition, ticks have become active earlier than usual in areas that include Fairfield and Westchester Counties because of the balmier than normal spring. Residents of the two counties normally start watching for the insects in May, but this year, disease-carrying ticks have been a nuisance since April.

Residents of Fairfield and Westchester counties, especially those who have been outdoors in grassy or woody areas, should look closely for bites and very small insects on their skin and clothing. Insect repellent, applied before going outdoors, could help in preventing bites, and showers taken before going to bed are also a good idea. Pets, and other domesticated animals should be checked on a daily basis as well. Wearing long pants, with the bottoms tucked into socks or boots, long-sleeve shirts, hats and some fabric around the neck is a good idea, especially in areas of high infestations.

 Interiors of homes, and even automobiles should also be checked regularly. A bright light source can be used to inspect places like couches, beds, car seats, curtains and clothes hampers. Inspection of clothing prior to entering the home is also recommended.

Tips on Reducing Tick Exposure

Professional pest control, in and around the home, can be a good first line of defense. Even if pest control is applied, residents should still do a routine daily check. The pest control application can extend far into lawn and landscape areas to decrease the potential for the insects to infest in and around the home.

If you have been bitten or think you might have been bitten, consult a healthcare professional immediately. If caught early enough, common antibiotics can be used to successfully treat Lyme disease. Also, be aware of signs and markers that specify known areas of infestations where the probability of contact is likely to occur.

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