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Landscaping Tips to Make Your Yard Less Tick Friendly

While you can’t tick-proof your property 100% Mosquito Squad of Fairfield County along with a couple landscaping tips might be able to get you fairly close. Mosquito Squad is a barrier treatment control company that works for both ticks and mosquitoes. The way the service works is Mosquito Squad sprays the perimeter of your property every 3 weeks. The mist does 3 things:

  1. Eliminates adult ticks and mosquitoes on contact
  2. Provides timed-release residual control that continues to protect your yard until your next Mosquito Squad visit
  3. Creates an invisible barrier around your yard deterring ticks and mosquitoes until your next Mosquito Squad visit

But, you also need to remove or manage the place that ticks hide. You can do that by using these landscaping tips. The tips are design principles based on tick biology and what they need to thrive.  These tips are simple.  Once completed, they can be easily maintained.  The Westport Weston Health District offers the following tips.

Tips for a Tick-Free Yard and Home

  1. Target ticks where they live.  Ticks like dark, damp places.  Ticks dry up easily in sunny and dry areas.
  2. Create a tick-safe zone.  Create distance between places ticks like off your property and where you and your family spend the most time in your yard.
  3. Focus on the edge zone.  Eliminate leaf litter, woodpiles, loose stone walls, thick ground cover and other favorite tick locations in areas outside your yard.
  4. Install a barrier.  Between wooded areas or brushy areas around your yard, create a sun-drenched 3’ barrier of gravel, woodchips or mulch.  This barrier prevents ticks from migrating to your yard.
  5. Don’t attract wildlife.  Deer ticks travel on birds and mice, not just deer.  Consider talking with your nursery about plants that don’t attract hungry deer.  Consider using bird feeders only in winter months and not during tick season.
  6. Keep stone walls neat.  Eliminating cracks in stone walls and foundations will prevent mice from migrating to your yard in pursuit of a home.  Mice give ticks an easy ride into your tick-safe zone making your barrier zone less effective.

About the Westport Weston Health District:

The Westport Weston Health District (WWHD) is a governmental agency that provides local public health services to the residents of Westport and Weston.

For more information visit the Lyme Disease page on their site for great information and resources:.

All of the tips here will help give you an enjoyable and safe summer in your yard.  If you are considering a tick barrier treatment mentioned in health district brochure for even more tick protection for your family and pets.  Sub:BusinessName} is a leader in providing professional tick protection for the residents of Fairfield County and Greenwich.  The same mist we use to eliminate ticks also eliminates mosquitoes.  In addition to our effective barrier treatment protection, we offer a tick-tube program that targets ticks in the nymph stage.