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NY Gets Continuing Legislative Support To Combat Lyme Disease

In the fall of 2013, Democratic Senator Carlucci from Rockland/Westchester announced a 3-point legislative package to help Lyme Disease patients and physicians in NY state. The proposals would fund more research and education for the disease. One of the proposals would also protect physicians treating long-term Lyme Disease sufferers who need antibiotics much longer than a few weeks. Insurance companies and state medical boards often scrutinize doctors who prescribe long-term antibiotics for patients with Lyme Disease.

The legislative effort supporting Lyme sufferers is continuing in New York, as a story from the Wall Street Journal pointed out two weeks ago. Several New York senators are proposing new measures to combat Lyme Disease. The story states that 462 cases of the disease have been reported this year in our state so far this year. The task force described in the story recommends studying tick populations and the agents that will eliminate them, bait vaccines for mice, public education and further research into the disease.

The Wall Street Journal story cites the Center For Disease Control (CDC’s) belief that more than 300,000 cases occur each year. Until recently, the CDC believed the number was 30,000. They soon realized the number was far greater and adjusted the total. Lyme Disease is easily under-diagnosed or misdiagnosed and the numbers states report are not often accurate.

The financial and social impact of Lyme Disease can also be extensive to both individuals and employers. These costs are especially significant when discussing what the CDC calls Post-treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS). In fact, it’s not known yet whether PTLDS, or long-term Lyme Disease, is a new infection or the recurrence of a previous Lyme infection in patients.

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