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Do Natural Or Organic Mosquito Control Solutions Really Work In Fairfield County?

Many of us know that farmers have allowed owls in their barns to keep mice out of them. Dogs have guarded sheep against wolves for centuries. Similarly, you may be wondering if putting up a few bat or birdhouses in your backyard would reduce the number of mosquito bites you get during the summer. Attracting bats and birds that eat mosquitoes would be natural solutions. The question is, how effective would these solutions be?

The truth is, not really. Bats and birds like purple martins have a reputation for being mosquito eaters. However, the number of mosquitoes they eat is an extremely small percentage of their overall diet. These winged wonders just aren’t much of a nuisance to mosquitoes. Studies show that mosquitoes typically make up only 1% of a bat’s diet and only 3% of a purple martin’s diet. Bats are opportunistic feeders. They do not specialize in one type of insect. Like any feeding animal, they prefer ones that give them the most energy return. When they are able to find other insects for their diet, like beetles and moths, research shows they ignore mosquitoes. If you are thinking about using bats to control mosquitoes, there is one more factor to consider. Bats carry diseases that can be fatal to humans.

Fortunately, there is a much better natural and effective solution to control mosquitoes than bats and birds.

An Organic Solution

Sub:BusinessName} provides both a traditional and organic barrier treatment for use in Fairfield County mosquito control around your home. Our organic treatment repels mosquitoes. It is usually applied every 14 days. Both our traditional and organic barrier sprays are effective in reducing the number of mosquito bites you will receive in your yard. Reducing the bite is the goal of any mosquito control program.

Our organic mosquito barrier treatment is made up of essential oils and has a botanical fragrance. Some examples of the oils are cedar wood, lemon eucalyptus and garlic. These oils are all 100% natural oils and derived from plants. After a short drying time, the fragrance of our organic treatment is minimal. Mosquitoes, however, remain sensitive to the fragrance of the oils for two weeks or more. Some customers say they perceive a green smell up to 24 hours after treatment but the fragrance is not unpleasant or objectionable.

Our organic treatment does not eliminate mosquitoes, like our traditional treatment. It creates a barrier around your yard mosquitoes will avoid. You can expect a 70-75% reduction of mosquitoes in your yard when using our organic treatment. Mosquitoes simply don’t like the smell of the oils and they move on to areas outside your yard where they won’t smell them. In addition to mosquitoes, our organic treatment controls fleas, flies, spiders, certain ants, gnats and chiggers, and ticks.

When you consider the risk of disease from bats, the number of bat or purple martin houses you would need to put up in order to notice any reduction of mosquitoes in your yard, using an organic barrier treatment becomes a better choice. Your neighbors may appreciate you using a botanical fragrance as well. “Bats” are fun to see at Halloween but not during the summer when you’re enjoying a grilled hamburger or steak outside.