Mosquito Control for San Antonio & The Texas Hill Country

Author: Mosquito Squad of Greater NE San Antonio

An unusually warm winter is setting the stage for what looks to be a grueling mosquito season in 2016. Normally our sprays crank up in April but with no real hard freezes, the mosquito population in San Antonio and South Central Texas appear to have decided to stick around for the winter. I was at soccer practice last night at the Boerne City Park with my daughter and found myself getting bit by mosquitoes. In February! That's definitely not the norm. So needless to say we are gearing up for an unseasonably brutal mosquito year.

I will say I am so glad I found Mosquito Squad. Last year my husband and I became Mosquito Squad customers for the first time upon the recommendation of a San Antonio friend. It worked for her and her 1 acre yard so we hoped it would do the same for us.

We moved to the Hill Country right outside of San Antonio five years ago and have a gorgeous backyard. But one that's also the perfect breeding ground for pesky mosquitoes. After having spent three mosquito seasons staring out the windows at our beautiful backyard, I decided it might be time to take action. After all...what was the point of having moved to the Texas Hill Country if we were going to spend all of our time indoors?

After a glowing recommendation from a friend, we called Mosquito Squad. They came out and treated and, literally THAT NIGHT, we sat out at dusk (which we all know is mosquito prime time) and enjoyed a wonderful evening without a single bite. This was knee deep into the 2015 spring monsoon season, so with all the rain we still did see the occasional mosquito. But 90% elimination when there are 10 mosquitoes is one thing. When you have 100 it's a whole 'nother story!

The effect was still dramatic enough that we started having dinner outside by our pool. Lounging around on our previously off limits back patio (it used to be swarming with pesky mosquitoes!), and watching the sunset as we sat by our pool. Mosquito Squad was a game changer for us. That's when we started thinking that we outta look into the business. Surely there were more people in our area who were having the same trouble and would love to enjoy their backyards again.

Long story short....we loved it so much we bought the business! And we are now poised for our first mosquito season, eliminating mosquitoes for our neighbors. We couldn't be happier to be able to bring this service to more people in San Antonio!