Will It Ever Stop Raining? How to Actively Prevent Mosquitoes While the Rain Continues for Better Outdoor Living When the Rain Stops

It rains and it rains and it rains… seasons like this are just a fact in Northeast Florida. Some years are simply more wet than others. As much as rain serves a wonderful purpose (flowers, trees, crops, rainbows) let’s face it, rain can be annoying. Bad hair, carrying groceries in during a storm, the dogs won’t go outside… and the mosquitoes, oh the mosquitoes. They love wet weather. They thrive in wet weather. They multiply in wet weather. They multiply quickly in hot, wet weather.

Rainy Weather Mosquito Prevention

So if you can’t stop the rain, how do you stop the mosquitoes? Of course, with water also being something we can’t really get rid of in this part of the country there will always be mosquitoes in the marshes and in natural habitats, but we can do something at home.

We’ve shared with you before the Ts of mosquito control for your outdoor living spaces. It barely takes a capful of water for mosquitoes to breed so not allowing for standing water is so very important.

Tipping flower pots, pulling tarps tight, tossing yard scraps is a must for keeping the mosquito population down, but it’s important to know that you can’t just do it once a season and you can’t even wait for the rain to stop. Let me say that again… you can’t wait for the rain to stop. This is a chore that you must take on daily if possible.

Turn pots over so they can’t fill up when you can, the containers that you can’t turn over need to be emptied over and over as it keeps raining. If you are cutting grass in the short breaks between showers you still need to get rid of the clippings. When they pile up they too create standing water and excess moisture that can be a home to mosquito larvae.

An Ounce of Prevention…

We know this is work and probably wet, steamy work that may not be so pleasant. And yet eventually the rain really will end and you are going to want to spend time outside. If you’ve let the standing water stay in your yard then the mosquitoes are going to begin to hatch and chase you right back in. Don’t let that happen to you!

Keep on top of it and call Mosquito Squad of Northeast Florida. We too want to stay on top of keeping the mosquito population in your yard down. Our barrier treatment works on contact and continues to work. Mosquito Control is an ongoing job for you and for us. Call us today and let’s stick together to make your outdoor spaces something you can enjoy when the sun comes out. 

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