The Benefits of a Jacksonville Mosquito Misting System for Your Home or Business

Did you know that the mosquito season in the Greater Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra area is on average 239 days a year? With constant mosquitoes, it only makes good sense to deploy continuous mosquito control for more active outdoor enjoyment. While we don’t recommend automatic mosquito misting systems for everyone, here is a glimpse at the top four properties that can benefit.

Horse Stables

Insects are naturally attracted to animals. Most are less able than humans to defend themselves, making a blood meal easier to obtain for the mosquito. Did you know that mosquitoes transmit the deadly Eastern Equine Encephalitis to horses? With a mosquito misting system you’ll lower your horses’ risks and keep them more comfortable. You’ll also make life more comfortable for anyone who is caring for or riding the horses.

Mosquitoes Love Marshy Wet Areas

If your property is marshy or adjacent to wetlands, an automatic mosquito misting system has your name written all over it. While local municipalities treat public wetlands with larvicide, they are not full-proof. We were recently reminded that some salt-marsh loving mosquitoes, like the Golden Salt Marsh Mosquito, will fly up to 25 miles to get a blood meal, meaning even if you are in proximity to the marshes, these mosquitoes can fly into your yard to seek a bite. With an automatic mosquito misting system, you’ll get mosquito barrier treatment protection several times a day to combat these invaders.

Heavily Wooded Properties

Are you near the woods? Does your property feature a large number of trees creating a shady retreat from the hot Florida sun? If so, an automatic mosquito misting system might be perfect. With afternoon downpours, it can be difficult for your property to dry out completely, making it an excellent source of standing water for mosquitoes to multiply and grow. An automatic misting system will keep those mosquitoes in check, daily.

Mosquito Control for Recreational Facilities

If you manage or own an outdoor recreational or event facility, you know that your clients need to be able to enjoy the activity without the annoyance and danger of biting mosquitoes. Whether you host summer camps, athletic events, concerts, or weddings, if the mosquitoes swarm, word-of-mouth will spread, and you will soon be losing revenue. Our mosquito misting system is a lovely solution for keeping mosquito populations low with a mist schedule to fit your needs. Best of all, the system can be manually triggered at any time for added protection immediately before an event.

At Mosquito Squad of Greater Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra, we offer the best mosquito control solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Your automatic mosquito misting system will be designed to fit your unique property for the best mosquito control results. The automatic controller allows for a custom mist schedule to fit around your schedule as well as a manual control for immediate needs. Call us today for more information about the best mosquito control method for your property.