Midges, Blind Mosquitoes, or Punkies: Regardless of Your Nickname for Them, We can Help!

Whatever you might call them, midges or blind mosquitoes, we can all agree that when midges are out in full force they annoy and disturb everyone. They arrive in early spring and cover the side your Ponte Vedra Beach or Jacksonville house, like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock horror film.

While we spend a lot of our time focusing on the danger brought to our clients by mosquito-borne and tick-borne diseases, the annoyance factor can be worse than the danger factor. Midges might not infect you with West Nile Virus, Zika or Lyme disease, but they can certainly test your mental health when trying to enjoy the great outdoors.

Especially if you live near the marshes, you might already be seeing flocks of these tiny flying insects; much earlier than previous years. A lack of winter and plenty of moisture has given midges an early start to the season. Giving you an early start to hiding inside, a tactic best left for avoiding heat at high noon on the hottest July days.

Don’t let this gorgeous spring weather pass you by while you hide from the annoyance of midges, punkies, blind mosquitoes, or (other nicknames you might give these pests that I cannot repeat in public.) Call Mosquito Squad of Greater Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra today for the best Midge Control in Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach.