Jacksonville Special Event Mosquito Treatment is a Perfect Solution for Winter in Florida

You might be aware of our amazing seasonal mosquito control services, our mosquito misting systems, and our special event treatments for weddings and parties, but have you considered using our mosquito event treatment at your home when hosting out-of-town guests this winter?

While a great deal of the rest of the country is cold and insect-free, here in Jacksonville, Florida we are pestered by mosquitoes and no-see-ums almost year round. Depending on the weather patterns, you may have annoying mosquitoes when family comes in for Christmas. If your regular services are paused, you can give us a call anytime for a special event mist. While you may not normally spend much time in your yard during the short days of winter, when guests come down from up north, they want to be outside all of the time! Make sure they enjoy an insect-free tropical getaway for the duration of their stay with our special event mosquito treatment.

Call today to get on the schedule for the holidays or the January/February winter escape.

Our special event treatment will eliminate up to 90% of mosquitoes, for a week of fun memory making your house guests will cherish forever.