Florida's Mosquito-Eating Fish: Do They Really Work?

Jacksonville Mosquito Climate is on Overdrive

Jacksonville’s extra rainy summer has the mosquito population booming. It’s already hot and humid most of the time, so add a few extra inches of water and the mosquitoes can’t multiply fast enough. Now throw in the threat of Zika or West Nile virus, and it’s time to look for every alternative there is to getting rid of these little biting machines. How about a mosquito-eating fish?

It sounds like something you might see in a cartoon but it’s a real thing, and it works!

The Mosquitofish

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Orange County Health Department is deploying the mosquitofish to abandoned “green” pools in Central Florida. After initially testing just 50 fish in one pool, the health department found that not only did the fish eradicate the mosquito larvae, but they also multiplied, making this “self-sustaining process” a better option than others used in the past.

Mosquitofish have been around in the United States since the early 1900s. People used them in abandoned pools, ditches, and ponds. About 25 years ago the New Jersey State Bureau of Freshwater Fisheries started breeding these fish. They are becoming used more and more across the country for mosquito control. In 2016, the Plano Texas Environmental Health Department released 13,000 mosquitofish in their efforts to control the mosquito population and fight Zika.

They look a bit like minnows but watch one of these little guys in action (below) as he makes a meal out of a bowl full of mosquito larvae.

The diseases that mosquitoes carry make mosquito control a widespread public health effort. It is important to treat as many areas of standing water as we can in our cities. However, most of us don’t keep a stagnant old pool in our yards, so at home, these out of the box methods just aren’t practical.

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