Enjoy Mosquito-Free Graduations in Jacksonville

The season is upon us. Starting with college and high school graduations, on to Memorial Day and then the fan-favorite Fourth of July will be here before you know it; it’s outdoor party season in Jacksonville!

If you’re starting the season with a graduation party, you must be feeling mixed emotions at every level. Your days of checking homework and packing lunches are coming to a close as you celebrate your baby, grown baby, preparing to leave the nest. All of your parenting work has paid off, and your child has graduated. As you wonder if you worked this hard planning your wedding, you prepare guest lists, hire caterers, plan the decorations and send out the invitations for this celebratory event.

Mosquito-Free Graduation Parties

Did you know your spring graduation party can be completely ruined by mosquitoes no matter how well you plan? As the celebration of a successful party tends to go late into the night, you don’t want your guests slapping and itching from mosquito bites. You’d rather they continue to enjoy the night and talk all the next day about how much fun it was. 

Mosquito control for your Jacksonville party might be easier than you think. No handing out cans of stinky mist or filling and spilling citronella oil that doesn’t even work. With Mosquito Squad of Greater Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra’s special event mosquito treatment you’ll enjoy an odor-free, residue-free barrier that will have eliminated mosquitoes from your party space. The special formulation allows it to continue to work for the duration of your party for mosquito-free graduation fun! Haul out the yard games, build the bonfire, enjoy the night with help from Mosquito Squad.

Call today to schedule your special event mosquito treatment. We’re happy to serve Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra and the surrounding areas for mosquito free weddings, graduations, and holiday parties for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and beyond. Call now!