Drought Busting Rain Breeds Mosquitoes in Jacksonville, Florida

Recent daily rainfall has taken much of Florida out of a severe drought and even eliminated the drought entirely in Jacksonville. With over a foot of rain falling in several weeks, we have surpassed the entire year’s rain accumulation, which as of June 16 stood at over 21 inches. While the replenishment of dried up bodies of water and the lowered threat of wildfires is worth celebrating, there is a new threat born out of the rain.


Rain + Heat = Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes multiply and thrive in standing water. With daily rainfall it can be difficult for puddling water and containers to dry out, leaving the mosquitoes a perfect place to lay eggs. Mosquito eggs take approximately a week to develop into adult mosquitoes, which gives us an important deadline for cleaning up our standing water sources. After all, with just one female mosquito laying eggs in your yard, you could be looking at over a billion mosquitoes in just four weeks if the environment is just right.

Baby mosquitoes growing up into bigger monsters.
mosquito larvae growing in standing water

Mosquito Source Elimination

The best way to combat mosquito population growth is to continuously follow the Ts of mosquito control for your yard. These tips will help you remember all of the places where standing water usually occurs so you can eliminate them. We recommend taking a walk through your yard after every afternoon rain to make sure nothing slips past you. With just a week from egg to adult, vigilance is vital.

Some of the most often missed sources of mosquito growth include potted plant saucers, corrugated downspouts, children’s toys, clogged gutters, and blocked ditches or sewer drains.

Eliminate Up to 90% of Mosquitoes in Your Yard

And for those mosquitoes that do find a way to develop in your yard or nearby, Mosquito Squad of Greater Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra can eliminate up to 90% of them with our seasonal mosquito barrier treatment.The fewer you start with, the fewer you’ll have, so let’s team up for as few annoying, disease-carrying pests as possible. Call today for a free quote and to schedule your first mosquito treatment. 904-559-3414